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    My name is Scott Olsen and I'm a freelance videographer living in Benton, AR.


    I have been creating videos for realtors and businesses alike since 2018 and I've enjoyed every minute of it. The videos I focused on since the start of 2023 are weddings, commercials, and other special/corporate events. My goal with every video is to capture beautiful footage for my clients and give them something they can be excited to show people.


    Video is an extremely powerful communicator in today's world. It can convey so much more than a still image can. Having high-quality video, paired with fitting music to set the tone, will help the viewer feel the emotions from that day and be engaged throughout the entire video.


    When you schedule a shoot with me, I promise to deliver a video that will capture the attention of your audience and help them really visualize what you have to offer.

     And for my future brides reading this, I give my all at every wedding I go to. I understand that this video will be a way for you to relive one of, if not, the best day of your life. So I do my best at every wedding to capture the emotions and give you something you and your spouse can smile and look back on for the rest of your marriage. 

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